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  • Patented Foldable design 

  • Real Racing Experience comes with comfortable racing seat (with seat slider) 

  • Adjustable height for steering wheel platform

  • Allow you to install real racing seat in the market

  • Optional mount to install for gearshifter, keyboard, mouse or TV monitor

  • Solid Steel construction. Perfectly stable. Made in Taiwan. 

  • 2-in-1 Pedal mount allow you to use original pedal or rebuilt all pedals and adjust to your favourite positions 

  • Better for heel-toe driving

  • Compatible with Logitech G25, G27, G29, Thrustmaster all models and Fanatec Steeling wheels

  • 專利前架摺疊設計,方便收藏

  • 採用專業遊戲桶型賽車椅,並附有滑軌,能前後調較,帶給你真正賽車體驗

  • 可升降及角度調整方向盤平台,架身設多個安裝孔位,能固定巿面上多款方向盤,配合不同玩家的需要

  • 特別設計可自行安裝真車座椅或巿面上購買的賽車座椅

  • 提供多款不同的支架以供電腦或遊戲配件使用,如波箱架、鍵盤架、滑鼠架、電視架等

  • 採用高強化綱料,穩定堅固,台灣制造進口 

  • 2合1 可調式腳踏板能配合不同賽車踏板使用,可前後調節到適合位置 

  • 支援 Logitech G25,G27,G29;Thrustmaster 所有型號及 Fanatec 方向盤型號


  • AP2 PLUS Racing Simulator Frame with steering wheel platform

  • AP2 PLUS pedal mount

  • A full size racing seat with seat slider 

* The racing wheels  and other electronic equipment are NOT included.

  • AP2 PLUS 賽車架 (附方向盤托架)

  • AP2 PLUS 腳踏托板

  • 遊戲桶型賽車椅(附滑動軌道)


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